COVID-19 Coronavirus I am operating on a business as usual basis taking into account Government and other advice. However in order to protect older clients and those who may be vulnerable, I am not conducting meetings face to face. I offer the usual email, post, telephone and WhatsApp and Zoom services. I am confident the impact can be managed and so continue providing an excellent level of service. If you have any concerns please do contact me.

Charges and fees: the Council for Licensed Conveyancers requires us to clearly provide on our website, and on demand, information as to our charges, and, where it may not be possible to give a fixed fee because of the nature of the case, how our charges will be calculated.

Inheritance tax: from 6 April 2017 a new family home allowance for deaths on or after 6 April 2017 when a residence is passes by death to lineal descendants. Savings of Inheritance Tax will usually be available where an estate is taxable. The allowance is worth £175,000 in 2020 to 2021.

Property Fraud: the Land Registry has introduced a Property Alert service to reduce the risk of fraud where a property is owned by you but it is not your residence. Register at
The changes to who inherits what under the intestacy rules: there are great benefits in making a Will to avoid unforeseen consequences where someone has not made a Will.
Lasting Powers of Attorney: can now be completed online. However this may not be practicable or you may want advice on them. We can see you at your home if it helps you.
Tax changes: from April 2020 if your incur a Capital Gain on a sale or gift of property you must report it to HMRC and make a payment on account of the tax due within 30 days of the disposal.